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Animal Andrology: Theories and Applications


Chenoweth Peter J.

Classification Codes : Q95

Language : ENG

Publication Information : CABI

Publish Year:2014

I  S  B  N :9781780643168

Grade :

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Semen and its constituents / Brian P. Setchell -- Sperm production and its harvest / William E. Berndtson -- Determinants of sperm morphology / Abdullah Kaya, Sema Birler, Lefric Enwall and Erdogan Memili -- Sperm preparation for fertilization / Bart M. Gadella -- Fundamental and practical aspects of semen cryopreservation / William V. Holt and Linda M. Penfold -- Evaluation of semen in the andrology laboratory / Steven P. Lorton -- Genetic aspects of male reproduction / Peter J. Chenoweth and Francoise J. McPherson -- Applied small animal andrology / Margaret V. Root Kustritz -- Applied andrology in chickens and turkeys / Julie A. Long -- Applied andrology in sheep, goats and selected cervids / Swanand Sathe and Clifford F. Shipley -- Applied andrology in horses / Barry A. Ball -- Applied andrology in cattle (Bos taurus) / Leonardo F. C. Brito -- Applied andrology in cattle (Bos indicus) / Jorge Chac鈕n -- Applied andrology in water buffalo / Sayed Murtaza H. Andrabi -- Applied andrology in swine / Gary C. Althouse -- Applied andrology in camelids / Ahmed Tibary, Lisa K. Pearson and Abelhaq Anouassi -- Applied andrology in endangered, exotic, and wildlife species / Rebecca Spindler, Tamara Keeley and Nana Satake -- Male animal contraception / Scott T. Norman and Tonya M. Collop -- Semen evaluation and handling : emerging techniques and future development / Heriberto Rodriguez-Martinez.