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EISBN 9783527632923
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This textbook is the second edition of a bestselling title offering an instructive and comprehensive overview of our current knowledge of biocatalytic processes in an industrial setting. Each chapter has now a section with problems and solutions, new case studies have been introduced and a companion provides supplementary data in addition to all figures as teaching material. Of course, each chapter has been thoroughly updated and expanded where needed; the book contains now in addition to the new online material 15 % more printed content including some color figures. Following an introduction to the history of enzyme applications and the motivations for using these highly selective and environmentally friendly methods, the book covers enzyme mechanisms and kinetics, production, recovery, characterization and their design, including recombinant methods. Alongside the application of soluble and immobilized biocatalysts, including whole-cell systems, the authors treat the use of non-aqueous reaction systems, applications in organic synthesis, bioreactor design and reaction engineering.

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