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The Bioenergy Landscape : Sustainable Resources or the Next Great Invasion? / Lauren D. Quinn, Jacob N. Barney, and David P. Matlaga -- What Would Invasive Feedstock Populations Look Like? Perspectives from Existing Invasions / Lauren D. Quinn -- Potential Risks of Algae Bioenergy Feedstocks / Siew-Moi Phang and Wan-Loy Chu -- Gene Flow and Invasiveness in Bioenergy Systems / Caroline E. Ridley and Carol Mallory-Smith -- Using Weed Risk Assessments to Separate the Crops from the Weeds / Jacob N. Barney, Larissa L. Smith, and Daniel R. Tekiela -- Bioenergy and Novel Plants : The Regulatory Structure / A. Bryan Endres -- "Seeded-yet-Sterile" Perennial Grasses : Towards Sustainable and Non-invasive Biofuel Feedstocks / Russell W. Jessup and Charlie D. Dowling -- Eradication and Control of Bioenergy Feedstocks : What Do We Really Know? / Stephen F. Enloe and Nancy J. Loewenstein -- Good Intentions vs Good Ideas : Evaluating Bioenergy Projects that Utilize Invasive Plant Feedstocks / Lloyd L. Nackley.

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